Ebooks How-To Guide

The Brentwood Library now has some fiction ebooks available! We’re excited about these new resources, and would love your feedback on your experience with them.

Fiction Books with Axis360 (iPad or Computer)

For fiction books, you’ll need to create two accounts. One with Axis360 (to browse available books on our Magic Wall), and one with Blio (to read the books).

  • On a computer, go to Axis360 and create an account. Use your Brentwood School username with “BWS” before it (for example: BWSJsmith). Then use your Brentwood School password as your PIN.
  • Then, visit the Blio website and create an account using your Brentwood School email. When you check out a book using Axis360, you will enter your Blio account information, and it will download to your reader automatically.
  • Then, download the Blio App for your iPad or iPhone.

When you are logged into the Axis360 Magic Wall, you can save books you’d like to read in your wishlist, or you can check them out by clicking on “Check Out.” Make sure to check out the Blio version (not ePUB). Please come visit us in the library if you have any issues, or if there are any ebooks you’d like us to acquire!


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