6 Word Story Contest

Open to Middle School, Upper School, Faculty, and Staff.

Ernest Hemingway famously wrote a short story in six words: “For sale, baby shoes, never worn.” It says so much with so little.*
The Library invites you to try writing your own SIX WORD SHORT STORY. We will be doing this contest in conjunction with The Perkiomen School, an independent school in Pennsylvania.

The RULES are simple:
1.It must be an ORIGINAL story.
2.It must be six words. No more. No less.
3.You may submit as many stories as you want between Nov. 30th and Jan. 11th.

Submissions must be done here by January 11th. You will need to log in to your school gmail to access the form below.

See Ms. Abarbanel or Ms. James if you have any questions.

*update: Did Hemingway really write that 6 word story? Find out on Snopes!

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