Faculty Book Reviews

Here’s what some of Brentwood School’s faculty have been reading!

Mr. Becker – This Beautiful Life by Helen Schulman

“I liked this novel about a 15-year old boy, in private school, who is sent an explicit video by a girl who likes him.  He mistakenly forwards the video to his best friend, and it soon goes “viral.”  The boy is suspended and his family is soon in crisis.  Good stuff!”


Ms. Todd and Ms. Kermott – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Ms. Todd: “One of those books where you think you know a person (character), but then you realize not all is as it seems.”

Ms. Kermott: “This book will keep you reading to discover who the sociopath really is!  It’s a fun read with only two voices, and written in an intriguing style.”


Ms. James – The Archived by Victoria Schwab

“A beautifully creepy book where librarians catalog the memories of the dead, and people called Keepers must patrol the space between the worlds so that the most dangerous ghosts can’t make their way back to the living world. But someone, or something, is waking the dead and sending them back to an old hotel where something terrible happened.”

You can check out all of these books up in the library! Want to have a review featured on the blog? Let us know what you’re reading!

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