6 Word Story Contest Winners!

The winners of the Brentwood School 6 Word Story Contest with The Perkiomen School were announced on twitter last Friday morning. The librarians enjoyed slowly tweeting out all the winners, @bwslibrary tweeted the Perkiomen School winners, and @perklibrarian tweeted the Brentwood School winners.
The idea for this contest came from Kate Hammond, Librarian at Perkiomen School, who sent out her idea for a multi-school 6 word story contest via the listserv for AISL, the Association of Independent School Librarians. Ms. Abarbanel responded, and the 6 word story contest was born. Brentwood School community members competed against each other, with 223 entries. A committee from Perkiomen School judged our entries as we judged theirs.

We had 3 faculty winners, 3 middle school winners, and 5 upper school winners from each school. The results were tweeted (see the twitter stream here).
Congratulations to the Winners!
This pale handkerchief looked clean once-Lynn C.
. . . but officer, the python wasn’t mine-Laura F.
Press here and run like crazy!- Bob K.

Upper School
And then the rope went slack. – Annabelle C. (2016)
Saved my reputation. I lost myself. Shelby S.(2014)
Draft card in my mailbox. Unopened. Griffin Dell. (2013)
Four socks, slick hardwood-dancing lovers. Griffin Dea. (2013)
You burn. I’m smoke. I linger. Dylan B. (2013)

Middle School

Abundance of People, Absence of Peace. Taylor L. (2017)
Tattered, torn, leather vest well worn. Clark L. (2017)
Man stands, with grief and pride. Anna G. (2017)

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